Maintenance measures for electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-18
Forklift manufacturers introduced that forklifts can save us a lot of time and speed up the transportation of goods and their loading, unloading and handling, and how should we maintain them in normal times? Among them, the automatic control system is very important. It should be maintained on time and check whether the AC contactor of the forklift is damaged, so that the Leopard AC contactor can operate normally. The best way is to check it once every three months, including It is necessary to check the pedals and their power switches, etc., so that you can immediately know whether any abnormality or damage is found, and conduct inspection and maintenance immediately. The electrode connection line of the main power circuit of the electric forklift should also be checked to ensure that it is more firmly connected. In particular, the cables must also be relatively inspected, and the springs must also be inspected to check whether the springs are deformed, so that the springs can be properly recovered.
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