Lithium battery forklift loading and unloading steps

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-03
In the operation of loading, unloading and handling, each step of the lithium-ion forklift requires the correct operation method. Today, I will tell you about the steps of loading, unloading and handling of the lithium-ion forklift: (1) First, the lithium-ion forklift approaches the cargo space: the lithium-ion forklift drives to the unloading place and stops steadily. , prepare for unloading. (2) Adjust the fork height of the lithium-ion forklift: Pull the lift lever backward, and the fork lift is aligned with the height required for delivery. (3) Car entry alignment: Put the shift lever in the forward gear, and the lithium battery forklift moves forward slowly, so that the fork is located above the goods (pallet) to be placed, and the parking brake is applied. (4) Vertical gantry: push the tilt lever forward, the gantry tilts forward and returns to the vertical position. When there is a slope, the mast is allowed to tilt forward. (5) Fork unloading: push the lift joystick forward. Lower the fork slowly, place the cargo (pallet) on the stack smoothly, and then move the fork slightly away from the bottom of the cargo. (6) Retracting fork: put the shift lever in the rear reverse gear, relieve the brake, and the lithium-ion forklift will retreat to the distance where the fork can be dropped. (7) Backward tilt mast: Pull the tilt lever backward, and the mast is tilted back to the proper position. (8) Adjust the fork height: push the lift lever forward, lower the fork to 200-300mm from the ground, the lithium-ion forklift leaves, drive to the pick-up location, and start the next round of pick-and-place operations.
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