Knowledge of the use of forklift accessories

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-11
Forklift manufacturers said that in the lifting forklift, the handling and traction of the forklift are relatively good. In addition, what knowledge should be learned? The common lifting height of internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts is in the middle of 2-2m. Some lifting heights can reach 8M on the right, and crawler chassis forklifts have a lifting height of 22m and a hoisting weight of 16T. The work production efficiency of the forklift is larger in the lifting car, and its driving speed, lifting speed and climbing degree are also strong, which can be considered first when using a lifting forklift. When the forklift expands its main purpose, various methods can be adopted, which expands the application scope of the forklift and improves the working efficiency of the forklift. There are many forklifts at this stage. It is a load-bearing device that adds or replaces the forklift to carry out various tasks on the fork rack of the forklift. In addition to using the forklift as the basic load-bearing equipment, the forklift can also be used with various types of detachable attachments to carry out work, so it is very convenient.
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