Knowledge of shifting operation of forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-06
Gear shifting is a very critical step in the operation of the forklift. Upshifting too early or downshifting too late will cause the transmission system to shake due to insufficient engine power, which must be paid attention to. Generally speaking, forklift gears are divided into direction gears and speed gears, namely forward gears and rear leg gears, low-speed gears and high-speed gears. During the driving process of the forklift, it is necessary to change gears in time according to the situation. If it is on a flat road, the forklift should change to a high gear in time after starting. Usually use a two-foot clutch, accelerate first, when the vehicle speed rises, step on the clutch pedal, move the shift lever into neutral, lift the pedal, then quickly step down and push the shift lever into a high gear. During driving, the forklift driver should also accurately grasp the timing of shifting, so as to be timely, accurate, stable and rapid, and improve the good working efficiency of the forklift.
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