Knowledge of forklift performance evaluation

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-01
If you do not understand the professional knowledge and technology of forklifts, you cannot make a reasonable judgment on the quality of products, and how to evaluate the performance of forklifts? First of all, we can understand that the superior performance of high-quality forklifts is often reflected in many aspects such as high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, good ergonomic design and convenient service. Efficiency doesn't just mean high speed, like traveling, lifting, lowering, etc., it also means that the operator takes a short time to complete a work cycle and can maintain this efficiency throughout the working time. Purchasing costs will be spread over the life of the forklift. Therefore, high-priced forklifts will reduce the purchase cost due to their longer life. The actual maintenance cost is not only related to the cost of maintenance parts, but also to the failure rate or failure time. Therefore, a high-quality forklift, due to its lower failure rate, has lower maintenance costs.
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