Knowledge about the use of push-pull

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-05
We can learn from the pusher manufacturer that the pusher is generally loaded on the forklift and used in conjunction with the forklift, which is also very convenient for loading operations. For example, for the handling of some scraps, the ejector is also very suitable. The main reason is its ejection system. We have more or less noticed that the ejector loaded on the forklift is different from the ordinary forklift. It is transported with pallets, and the characteristics of the ejector are that it is pallet-free and pallet-free. Usually, with or without pallets, it may not feel much to store in the factory, but it is different when loading vehicles. Handling without pallets saves an average of operating time compared to handling with pallets. That is to say, the operation time of pallet handling can be completed nearly two times without pallets, not counting the material purchase cost saved due to the elimination of pallets.
The global market was valued at industrial lifting devices in lifting equipment companies and is expected to reach a market value of material handling lifting equipment by goods lifting equipment, with a CAGR of material handling racks during the forecast period.
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