Jiangsu electric stacker should pay attention to vibration alarm and turn indicator in narrow aisles

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-16
Electric stackers have brought us great convenience for loading, unloading and carrying goods. They are simple to operate but greatly improve work efficiency. With the continuous improvement of our technology, the performance of the electric stacker is now very good, it has become dexterous and convenient, and it can also adapt to the operation in the narrow space. The demand for the electric stacker in Jiangsu is also increasing. Although the electric stacker is good, it will cause a certain degree of damage if it is not maintained or improperly operated, which will increase the cost of use, so what should we do? 1. Reduce impact damage. Pay attention to narrow aisles. It is recommended to arrange a well-trained electric stacker driver to work in this distance, and pay attention to the vibration alarm and turn indicator to avoid hurting people. 2. Take more time to train the drivers of electric stacker trucks and teach them safety knowledge. This can reduce the damage rate to the electric stacker truck itself and the goods, and the failure rate of the electric stacker truck can also be reduced. 3. Arrange preventive maintenance, overhead maintenance plans, and regular maintenance of electric stackers. In the long run, overhead maintenance plans can prevent major component failures, save maintenance costs and extend the service life of electric stackers. 4. There must be a strict electric stacker management system. When the electric stacker is not applicable, please remove the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by misoperation by other non-operators. In the process of forklifting, operators need to get off the car to measure whether they can pass through the narrow aisles. 5. After working every day, take time out to listen to the sound of the electric stacker and confirm that there is no problem before normal use can be guaranteed tomorrow. 6. Training for battery maintenance and battery charging is a must. The batteries of electric stacker trucks are very important. At present, many of them are lead-acid batteries, but it is also said that some of them are maintenance-free batteries, and most of them still require special personnel to maintain. At this time, you need to pay attention to frequently checking the distilled water of the electric stacker, if it is not enough, add it in time; pay attention to it when charging, mostly smart charging, can not be plugged in for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the charger. In order to reduce the cost of using electric stackers in Jiangsu, we should operate in accordance with the requirements of the operation manual to minimize the impact damage of electric stackers. Drivers should receive systematic training and arrange for personnel to perform regular exercises on electric stackers. Inspection and maintenance, as well as the establishment of a strict management system for electric stackers, can reduce the risk of using vehicles to a large extent.
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