Jiangsu electric pallet truck manufacturers share that the electric pallet truck cannot speed up for a long time and long distance when traveling

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-19
With the advent of the era of intelligence, various automation equipment has been applied across the board. Take warehousing and logistics as an example. Warehousing, as the name suggests, is a place for stacking goods. There are large and small cargoes, and manual handling of small cargo is barely enough, but when it comes to large cargo, it will be a little harder. Therefore, an electric pallet truck is used, which greatly reduces the cost rate of manual handling alone. Of course, although the use of electric pallet trucks has many advantages, it is inevitable that they will encounter some problems and places that need attention. Let's talk about it from the Jiangsu electric pallet truck manufacturer. Especially in the application of electric vehicles, attention should be paid to the immediate charging of the battery and the proper maintenance of the battery. When charging the battery, pay attention to the way, not only to make the battery fully charged, but also not to cause the battery to charge too much. In the actual operation of electric vehicles, try to avoid the application of long-term long-distance acceleration. When the vehicle develops and the speed increases, the small electric vehicle manufacturer controls the accelerator pedal. If the real-time road condition is good, the vehicle will speed up again. The vehicle needs to shift gears, release the pressure on the accelerator pedal, and lightly depress the brake pedal, so that the kinetic energy of speed reduction can be used flexibly. If the vehicle has regenerative braking, the mechanical energy for gear shifting can be acquired. When the vehicle is sliding down a slope, there is no need to disconnect the power circuit of the propelling motor, and lightly step on the brake pedal to make the vehicle operate under regenerative braking, and use the mechanical energy of the vehicle to reduce the calorie consumption of the battery. During the operation of the vehicle, avoid mistakenly turning the 'forward, backward' position power switch into a power switch. Unless it is necessary to reduce the speed in an emergency, it is not necessary to depress the brake pedal immediately. In the whole process of vehicle application, when the battery capacity is found to be insufficient (it can be obtained from the electricity meter, switching power supply dead indicator light and other alarm systems), the battery should be charged as soon as possible, and the walking motor encoder chip should avoid too much battery Discharge. The CAN (Control Area Network) Internet is used for communication among the various modules of the battery electric forklift, and all the electronic components become a total virtual module, which can exchange operating information in real time and complete real-time control. Under the connection of two fast communication system buses, it is very convenient for each individual action component to store information from other action components. CAN bus is a serial communication data information communication protocol developed and designed to handle the data transmission between many manipulation and test equipment in modern cars. The communication material can be five types of twisted pair, coaxial cable or light guide, and the communication speed It can reach 1Mbit/s. The above is the common problems that the editor introduced to you about the application of electric pallets. I hope that I can gain something for everyone after reading it. The use of electric pallet trucks facilitates storage and transportation of goods, and greatly saves the time and labor of manual transportation. But it also needs to be operated manually, so the operator needs to strictly follow the precautions of the electric pallet truck when using it, so as to avoid problems affecting the handling efficiency.
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