Jiangsu electric pallet truck has an integrated operating handle, which is easier to operate

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-19
Jiangsu electric pallet truck is the first choice for logistics and warehousing. Compared with the previous manual handling, the use of electric pallet trucks is more convenient, safe and efficient! Electric pallet trucks are one of the most widely used modern warehousing and handling equipment Model, it uses the battery as the power source, and the operation is labor-saving. It is much more important than manual handling. It is suitable for heavy loads and long-time handling of goods. It is one of the most effective equipment in people's handling operations. What are the main advantages of electric pallet trucks? First, the overall body is small and light, and it can work easily in smaller warehouses or other spaces; Second, the integrated operating handle is very easy to operate; three , Equipped with a high-efficiency DC traction motor, the traction force is large, the running speed can be controlled, and it can easily carry heavier goods; 4. The hydraulic system uses an integral hydraulic pump station, which can be easily lifted by pressing the increase button on the control handle The material can be easily put down by pressing the down button; 5. It is equipped with a stepless speed regulation system, which can be used to control the speed of forward and retreat according to the surrounding environment and the load of the goods. Strong; Seven, the five-point structure at the bottom ensures that the electric pallet truck runs more smoothly; do you like this kind of electric pallet truck? Would you choose to buy it? The high-definition waterproof LCD screen can monitor the battery level and operating status of the body At any time, if the battery is short of time, it can automatically alarm and remind. Choosing a good electric pallet truck can not only bring us efficient working power, but also reduce the failure rate in use.
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