Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers will check their thermostats and other components for forklifts with abnormal cooling

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-19
Electric forklift is a very convenient tool for handling, loading and unloading. It is easy to operate and has high efficiency. It is widely used in many industries. The cooling system of an electric forklift is a more critical part, which is generally composed of cooling fans, radiators and thermostats. The cooling system of an electric forklift may malfunction if it is used for a long time. Then if they fail, we should How to troubleshoot? Let the Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers tell everyone. 1. Check the thermostat The thermostats currently selected on the launcher are mainly wax-type thermostats. Its primary performance index is that the thermostat should have a different lift under different water temperatures. So as to dynamically control the unevenness of the cooling water temperature. Regarding the failure of the cooling system to check whether the thermostat is good or not, it is distinguished by the temperature difference between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe of the radiator. In the first period of the initiation of the cold start of the machine, there should be a significant temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipes when they are touched by hand. After a period of work, the temperature difference is significantly reduced. When the initiator reaches the normal working temperature (80℃-90℃), there is no significant temperature difference when touched by hand. Of course, the accurate way to check is to remove the thermostat, place it in hot water, and gradually heat it to check the opening temperature of the valve and the lift of the valve. 2. Check the water pump The power source for the continuous circulation of cooling water in the cooling system comes from the water pump. Whether the water pump can build up a satisfactory pressure is the key to the normal operation of the cooling system. When adding cooling water, if the engine speed increases, the cooling liquid level decreases significantly, which shows that the electric forklift water pump is working normally. On the contrary, the water pump and the impeller may become loose, and the cooling water cannot circulate. In the electric forklift engine, the water pump, generator, and cooling fan share a belt, so the tightness of the belt directly affects the speed of the water pump, electric fan, and generator. Press down the middle of the belt with your fingers. The downward deflection should be 11-13mm. It is normal. Too much will cause the water temperature to be too high, and too small will damage the water pump bearings and generator bearings. 3. To check the air volume of the cooling fan, a thin paper can be placed in front of the radiator. When the machine is started, if the paper can be blown away, the air volume is satisfactory. This is different from the inward car fan of the front engine. The blades can not be installed backwards, and should ensure that the fan guard is complete and useful. 4. Radiator The radiator of the electric forklift is placed at the rear of the vehicle. Due to the low chassis of the electric forklift and the poor working environment in the factory, some debris and dust are easy to accumulate on the surface of the radiator. If it is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect. At the end of the work day, the radiator should be carefully cleaned, and the use of high-pressure water guns should be avoided as much as possible. Because the tube wall of the radiator is very thin, if the cleaning pressure is too high, it will easily collapse and affect the heat dissipation effect. It is forbidden to use hard water as the cooling water to avoid the generation of scale in the radiator, which may cause insufficient cooling water. The above is the method of inspection and troubleshooting of electric forklifts when the water temperature of electric forklifts is abnormal for everyone from Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers. Generally, they can be divided into thermostat inspection, water pump inspection, pit fan inspection and radiator inspection. Everyone In daily use, following the operating specifications and giving it regular inspections and maintenance can greatly reduce the possibility of failure of the electric forklift, thereby saving maintenance costs.
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