Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers share that the regenerative energy generated by brakes will be converted into heat

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-18
The development of technology is to better help people's production and life, especially for some handling tasks that cannot be completed by humans alone. If relevant equipment can be used for auxiliary assistance, the labor effort can be greatly reduced. Just like sometimes we need to move goods, etc., we need the help of some external equipment. For example, the use of Jiangsu electric forklifts is an indispensable facility for moving heavy goods. How does the electric forklift work? The following Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers will take you to take a look. Electric forklifts use regenerative braking to reduce mechanical wear. Regenerative braking is a non-contact braking, which is much simplified than traditional braking systems. Regardless of whether the driver brakes by stepping on the brake pedal or switching the driving direction to brake, the electric motor will be in the generator state, and its electromagnetic torque will become a braking torque. This means that the wear of the brake pads is extremely low. The mechanical wear is greatly reduced, which reduces forklift maintenance costs and lowers operating costs. At the same time, AC motors are more efficient in driving and braking. When braking or reversing, regenerative energy is generated. The stronger the brake, the more energy is regenerated. The energy storage device of the AC drive system will automatically start when braking or reversing, returning energy to the battery, so that the battery's working time and life are longer. Although some DC-driven forklifts also have regenerative braking, they can only be activated when braking is strong. This also means that part of the regenerative energy is converted into heat when braking. The main common work content of electric forklifts in our daily life is mainly the following content: First, the main work content is actually when we are handling some heavy goods, at this time, if If we can use an electric forklift, it can help us carry out the handling work more easily. The whole working environment is relatively fast and stable. In this way, it is not difficult to see that the electric forklift In fact, the emergence of can provide people with some greater convenience. This advantage is especially obvious when handling some relatively large and large cargo. To give a specific example: If we use electric forklifts during cargo handling in places with dense cargo such as some terminals and airports or logistics centers, it will be greatly reduced. Our waste of manpower will be greatly reduced, especially when we are carrying goods, we will more obviously feel the convenience brought to us by electric forklifts. Regardless of the production activity, many things cannot be solved by manpower alone, and they need the help of other equipment. Just as people cannot carry a lot of heavy goods by themselves, they need the use of Jiangsu electric forklifts. Through the introduction of electric forklifts by Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers, do you know the relevant knowledge about electric forklifts? If you use an electric forklift frequently, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the forklift after use.
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