Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers share that a sudden start may cause the goods to fall and the forklift to roll over

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-18
It is very convenient to use electric forklifts to transport and stack goods. Today's forklifts are constantly improving, and their performance is getting better and better. The light and compact body is suitable for operation on more sites, and the later endurance has also been greatly changed. The left and right lifts of electric forklifts play an important role in the handling of goods. They make handling easier, but many people are not very clear about how to use the left and right lift functions of forklifts. Let's share with Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers below. Use the little tricks of left and right lifting. Step on the clutch control plate, operate the forward and reverse control lever and gear, and then slowly and completely release the clutch pedal. But remember to prohibit brutal driving: do not turn on the key switch while stepping on the accelerator pedal, do not start, brake or turn suddenly to prevent the goods from falling and the electric forklift tipping over, do not run over the scattered on the road Baffles or obstacles. When driving on wet, slippery, uneven or sloping roads, please reduce the driving speed to ensure that there is a certain gap between the mast and the roof and the entrance and exit. When the fork is raised, do not drive the electric forklift to prevent the goods from falling and the electric forklift tipping over. Do not drive by the roadside, and make sure that there is a sufficient safe distance between the electric forklift and the edge of the roadside or platform to prevent the electric forklift from falling. It is forbidden to operate the handle suddenly, and the hydraulic control handle must be operated at a slow speed regardless of the full load or no-load state; when the fork is in a high position, if the handle is suddenly operated, it will cause the risk of the cargo falling or the electric forklift tipping over; do not stop, Drop off the shelf. Before leaving the electric forklift, tilt the mast forward slightly and put the fork down naturally. If the fork does not drop to the ground, there is a risk of tripping and injury to the body. Place the direction handle in the neutral position and pull up the parking brake handle; turn off the key switch and remove the key. The above is the method of using the left and right lifting function of the forklift shared by the Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The driving operation of electric forklifts is not very complicated, but the relevant practitioners should follow the driving rules when driving, and remember the precautions when using them, otherwise accidents may occur. It is necessary to carefully check the performance of the forklift before and after normal use. If there is a fault, it should be suspended and repaired in time, which can also extend its service life.
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