Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturer tells you that there is air in the lifting hydraulic cylinder, the forklift may jump

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-17
Today's forklifts are mostly powered by electricity, which is cleaner than diesel ones, has no exhaust gas, and is environmentally friendly. With continuous improvement, today's electric forklifts have become easier to operate, and the driving comfort has also been greatly improved. Electric forklifts will inevitably have some faults if they are used for a long time. At this time, you need to troubleshoot and find out the problem before you can 'prescribe the right medicine'. Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers will introduce several kinds of forklifts that may cause forklift working devices and system failures. Case. Electric forklift working device and hydraulic system failure: 1. Vibration occurs during lifting. The cause of the failure: air in the lifting cylinder, oil leakage in the hydraulic system, excessive wear of the rollers of the inner mast fork and mast bearings, uneven tightness of the two lifting chains, etc. 2. The lifting speed is too slow or cannot be lifted. Causes of failure: oil tank shortage, oil filter blockage, safety valve failure, hydraulic oil temperature is too high, hydraulic oil is too thin, hydraulic pipeline leakage, hydraulic pump damage, etc. Abnormal noises caused by the falling of the door frame are generally caused by damage or aging of the shock-proof rubber. Maintenance method: first check the joints, the gaskets of each component and the internal structure for oil leakage, if so, replace it; deflate the system, if it still cannot be eliminated, disassemble and inspect the lifting hydraulic cylinder, gear pump and If the working condition of the safety valve fails to reach it, repair or replacement is required. 3. Lifting jumps, the mast jumps when lifting. Reasons for failure: air in the lifting hydraulic cylinder; poor performance of the gear pump; inflexible action of the forklift reversing valve; dirty oil. Maintenance method: first loosen the bleed screw plug on the lifting hydraulic cylinder, and release the air in the lifting cylinder; check the cleanliness of the oil. If the beating still cannot be solved, check the working conditions of the reversing valve and gear pump. If the work is not good, it should be repaired or replaced directly. Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers remind everyone that they need to pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance when using electric forklifts. Timely inspection can prevent some failures, so that they will not 'drop the chain' during use, thereby affecting them. Use efficiency. Everyone also needs to check the electric forklift before using it. Pay special attention to the brakes, batteries, steering wheel, etc. If anything is wrong, stop using it and use it after the repair is completed.
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