It is forbidden to operate electric stackers after drinking alcohol | electric pallet trucks

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-12
Precautions for the use of electric stackers and instructions for use of electric stackers, please read the instruction manual of Jiangyan Ruyi electric stackers before using it For ultra-high cargo, the cargo must be fastened when loading and unloading rolling objects. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork or pallet. After the fork is raised, it is strictly forbidden to shuttle under the fork. When there is cargo on the fork, it is not allowed to rise rapidly or tilt forward or backward. , It is forbidden to ride on the electric stacker or pallet truck to prevent overturning. It is forbidden to raise the goods for long distances. When driving, lower the full electric stacker|semi-electric stacker forks within 30cm from the ground. It is forbidden to maintain the vehicle when it is parked on a ramp or step. Instructions for use: 1. Check the outer surface of the vehicle before driving to see if there is any oil leakage, check the horn brake and the working condition of the pump station, and ensure that the battery is completely Charge. Hold the control handle with both hands and force the vehicle to drive slowly to the work site. 2. Unloading (1) Raise the fork of the electric stacker to the required height, and move it slowly to the pallet to be unloaded (ensure that the fork can easily enter the pallet And the cargo is in the safe position of the fork)    (2) Lift the fork until the pallet is lifted from the shelf (3) Slowly move back in the aisle, the electric stacker (4) Slowly lower the cargo while ensuring that the fork is in There are no obstacles during the lowering process. 3. Stacking (1) Approach the shelf carefully, lift the goods to the upper level of the shelf (3) Move forward slowly, stop moving forward when the goods are above the shelf, put down the pallet and ensure that the goods are in place In the safe position (4) slowly retract the electric stacker (5) lower the fork to within 30cm from the ground and then drive the electric stacker 4. Safety facilities (1) main switch: power main switch (2) foot brake: reliable Parking brake (3) Flow limit valve: control the speed of descent (4) Pressure limit valve: control the load (5) Protective net: protect the driver
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