Introduction to the use of the water replenishment system of the forklift battery pack

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-27
Introduction to the usage method of the water replenishment system of the forklift battery The steps are relatively cumbersome, and a little carelessness can easily lead to errors. The automatic water filling system for forklift batteries is a mature technology and practical system, which is very easy to use. When the battery adds water, all the water filling ports are connected in series by the buoy unit plugs, and when water is added at the same time, the liquid in the filled monomer lifts the buoy, seals the unit plug water hole, and lifts the buoy in all the unit plugs. After that, the process of adding liquid is completed. In the process of charging and discharging, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease due to electrolysis and evaporation, thus causing the electrolyte level to drop. The water replenishment system is simple to use. After charging, you only need to plug in the quick connector; it will automatically stop after the water is added; if the battery is not replenished in time, the service life of the forklift battery may be shortened. The supplementary water should be distilled water, and should not be replaced with pure drinking water. Because the purified water contains a variety of trace elements, which will have a negative impact on forklift batteries, Braunce has a number of technical backbones and professional maintenance knowledge, which can train maintenance knowledge for enterprises.
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