Introduction to the precautions during the use of hydraulic lifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-05
Precautions during the use of hydraulic elevator Introduction The hydraulic elevator is a very convenient product to use, but even if it is convenient, there are some noteworthy things when using it, otherwise accidents may occur due to improper operation. For example, this product needs to use hydraulic oil. When using or changing the hydraulic oil, find the corresponding model. Different types of hydraulic oil should not be used indiscriminately, otherwise the performance of this product itself will be greatly affected. The impact of the hydraulic oil may even cause accidents due to the mismatch of the hydraulic oil model. Also note that this product requires a lot of lubricating oil. Lubricating oil needs to be added once a week to ensure that the Grid bearing can be used normally. The bearing joints also need to use butter, which can prevent the equipment from being damaged. The phenomenon of damage occurs due to self-friction during operation. When using hydraulic lifts, special personnel must be assigned to operate and maintain the hydraulic lifts, and a plan for agricultural and sideline products must be established, and the products must be maintained and tested regularly, so as to ensure the safety of each use. In specific use, there is a lifting platform on the top of it. This platform must be firmly fixed before relevant staff can stand on it. Otherwise, relevant staff are prohibited from entering it. Neither the operator nor the maintenance personnel can change the electrical control system arbitrarily when operating or repairing this machine and equipment, otherwise, once the electrical control system is changed, it is likely to cause the use process There was a serious accident. Operators must be equipped with safety belts and helmets before they can work when operating on the elevator. Otherwise, they are forbidden to participate in the work site. All staff operating this equipment must undergo special training, must pass the examination and hold a certificate to operate.
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