Introduction to the operation specification of the bucket clamp in the forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-24
The bucket clamp is a common type of forklift truck, which can be easily matched with the forklift truck. It only depends on the action of the forklift truck and does not require other power. It can handle more types of buckets, including steel, plastic, fiber and hoop open buckets. Let's take a look at the operation essentials of the forklift bucket clamp: make the forklift mast upright, so that the top of the bucket clamp is parallel to the ground. This horizontal state enables the barrel sandwich frame and the olecranon mechanism to rise and fall vertically, making it easier to work without damaging the barrel. To grab the drums, the forklift driver should lift the forks and drum clamps over the drums, align the drum clamps with the center of the four drums, and slowly lower the forks so that the drum clamps sit completely on top of the drums , and then lift the fork, and the olecranon automatically grabs the four barrels. We forklift remind you that to release the oil drum, simply follow the reverse procedure. Drop the forks and barrel clamps so that the oil drum will fall on the ground or on the pallet, and pay attention to falling all the way so that the core frame is completely seated on the oil drum.
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