Introduction to the characteristics of forklift for soft-wrap

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-17
The use of forklifts has been gradually applied to social life, among which the soft clamp has become one of the main products. Let us learn about the relevant knowledge of the soft clamp. The plasticity is extremely strong, and the material itself is flame-proof PVC material, which is firm and not easily affected by weather and environment. There is no need for any bottom plate in the process of manufacturing the soft bag, as long as the figure is drawn on the wall, and then the profile is fixed with a nail gun, and then the frame is filled with the specified thickness of foam, and finally the fabric is inserted into the teeth The clip is complete. Through the introduction of our forklift manufacturers, do you have a further understanding of the soft bag clamp? We sincerely welcome your presence here.
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