Introduction to forklift stability

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-10
For a forklift, when the center of gravity of the goods and the center of the load are on the same plumb line, the maximum weight of the goods that the forklift can load and unload is called the maximum lifting capacity of the forklift. So what is the stability of the forklift? In fact, the stability of a forklift refers to the ability of the forklift to perform loading and unloading operations and resist overturning when driving on various roads. It can be divided into longitudinal stability and lateral stability. Longitudinal stability refers to the forklift’s ability to resist longitudinal overturning around the axle. ; Lateral stability refers to the ability of a forklift to resist rollover and sideslip. After the forklift works, the fork must be lowered to the ground, and the gantry must be returned to its original position. The purpose is to protect the hydraulic system from unloading, so as to avoid deformation and damage of various components in the hydraulic system due to long-term pressure. When the center of gravity of the goods is within the range of the load center, the forklift can carry out loading and unloading operations with the maximum lifting capacity, otherwise the stability of the forklift will be damaged and accidents may occur.
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