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Introduction of manual pallet truck

Introduction of manual pallet truck


1. Abstract

Manual hydraulic truck is a small, convenient, flexible, heavy-duty, durable cargo handling tool, commonly known as "earth cow". In addition to the function of consigning goods, the truck has a hydraulic device between the chassis and the wheels in order to facilitate the take-off and landing of goods. The goods can be moved by dragging the goods. After reaching the destination, the chassis is lowered by hydraulic pressure, and the goods are also dropped, and the truck can be easily pulled out. The complicated process of manual handling is eliminated. It is a good helper for the handling of goods in the workshop.

2. Introduction

Small volume hydraulic device, easy to operate and easy to use. The handle design is ergonomic and has three functions: lifting, carrying, and lowering. Integral casting oil cylinder, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, made of high-quality steel plate, chrome-plated piston rod, internal relief valve provides overload protection, descending speed control, valve core is made of integral parts, reducing maintenance costs.

3. Classification

Galvanized Manual Hydraulic Truck, Stainless Steel Manual Hydraulic Truck, Quick Start Advanced Manual Hydraulic Truck, Heavy Duty Manual Hydraulic Truck.

4. Function

Manual pallet truck: The manual pallet truck is mainly used in occasions where horizontal transportation is required and the place is crowded. Users can choose the most suitable model according to different working conditions. Manual pallet trucks are divided into standard type, quick lift type, low release type, galvanized/stainless steel type, paper tube type, electronic weighing type, and 5T heavy-duty type; the carrying capacity is 1.0-5.0 tons, and the width of the working channel is generally 2.3 ~ 2.8 meters.

5. Product Features

The truck is also called carrying a small tank, a heavy object mover, and a ground cow. It is mainly used to carry all kinds of mechanical machines or other heavy objects. It can be used together with lifting tools such as jacks and hand-cranked tops to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.

1. The gantry is made of heavy-duty column steel and cold-formed. Make the door frame stronger, safer, mobile sensitive and easy to operate.

2. The hydraulic cylinder of the manual hydraulic truck adopts high-precision grinding pipe, imported oil seal, and one-piece valve core, which is convenient for disassembly and repair. The footstep method increases the speed and circulation, and greatly improves the safety.

3. The manual hydraulic truck adopts the leading spray technology to improve the appearance of the product and the durability of the added manual hydraulic truck.

4. The manual hydraulic truck is a pollution-free manual hydraulic truck with sensitive transportation, sensitive operation and small turning radius.

5. Manual hydraulic trucks are suitable for production workshops, production workshops, warehousing, stations, docks, airports, etc., and are especially suitable for use in places with fire and explosion-proof requirements, such as printing workshops, various oil storage, chemical warehouses and other places.

6. The manual hydraulic pallet truck can not only reduce bumps, scratches, etc., but also reduce the workload and stacking position, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

6. Basic parameter description

1. Width

The choice of the width of the fork depends on the size of the pallet used in daily use. The standard size of the general manual hydraulic truck is divided into a wide truck and a narrow truck. The wide truck is 685*1200mm, and the narrow truck is 540*1150mm.

2. Load

Generally speaking, the international standard has 2.0T-2.5T-3.0T-5.0t, these 4 kinds of load capacity.

3. Lifting height

The height of the national standard pallet is generally 100mm, so the minimum height of the national standard manual hydraulic truck is of course below this. When the general hydraulic truck is placed at the lowest point, the height is 85mm and 75mm. Of course, there are also special low-level manual hydraulic trucks, and the minimum height can even reach 35mm. Low-end cars are generally slightly more expensive, and it is not recommended to purchase without special needs. Moreover, the steel plate of the manual pallet truck that is as low as 35mm is relatively thin, so the load is only 1.5 tons at most.

4. Thickness of steel plate

Generally, a better 3.0t car uses a 4mm steel plate, while the thickness of the poorer steel plate and the paint thickness can not reach 4mm, and some can only reach 3mm. The price advantage in exchange for cutting corners is for consumers. Very irresponsible. Such a car is prone to failure in subsequent use. In addition, the thickness of the steel plate of the standard 5.0t manual hydraulic truck must reach more than 8mm, otherwise it will be difficult to bear such a self-weight.

5. Wheel material

The material of the manual hydraulic wheel should be selected according to the conditions of the working ground. Nylon wheels can be selected for smooth ground conditions, because nylon wheels are relatively cheap and less labor-intensive to pull. If the ground condition is not good, you can choose aluminum alloy and polyurethane wheels, which are more wear-resistant. If you don't want to hurt the ground too much, for example, some factories have floors, it is best not to use nylon wheels, but polyurethane wheels. Because nylon is too hard, polyurethane is relatively softer.

7. matters needing attention

Make routine inspections every day, eliminate abnormal phenomena in time, and do not use faulty cars to prolong the service life. If there is a fault, please ask a professional to troubleshoot the fault, and if you want to replace the parts, the parts should be provided by the manufacturer. Add motor oil to each rotating joint every three months, pay special attention to the wheels and shafts not to be entangled by sundries, and keep all wheels rotating lightly to meet safety requirements.

8. Troubleshooting

Manual hydraulic trucks are the most commonly used handling tools in factories, warehouses and workshops. Because of their simple shape and powerful functions, they are well-known as "earth cows". But this simple device often suffers one way or another, such as slow ascent and slow descent. Or simply can't rise.

When it can't rise, many people think it's broken? In fact, this is not the case. In many cases, there is only air in the manual hydraulic vehicle oil pump, which causes the hydraulic pressure to not rise or rise slowly! At this time, it is only necessary to simply discharge the air to keep the manual truck in good condition.

The method of exhausting air is very simple, here is an introduction to you:

Manual trucks generally have three gears

1. The middle is the positioning gear, the car in this gear neither rises nor falls.

2. Dial up is the neutral gear, that is, the descending gear and the pressure relief gear.

3. Dial down is to hang the gear, that is, to close the oil seal to make its hydraulic pressure rise.

We just need to shift the gear in gear up and press the handle a few times as usual. At this time, although the car body will not rise, it can effectively remove the air in the pump body. After about 10-20 pressures, the air can be exhausted. Make the ascent faster and more powerful!

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