Instructions for driving a forklift pusher

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-04
Some users may think that using forklift push-pull is a relatively simple matter, but in fact, there are some precautions when using this type of product. Next, the push-pull manufacturer will explain the relevant knowledge to us. First of all, when the forklift pusher is driving, try to avoid long-term or long-distance acceleration, because this will increase the energy consumption of the battery; secondly, during operation, the forward and reverse direction switches cannot be used as steering switches. In addition, the brake pedal cannot be stepped on to the bottom unless it is in the case of emergency braking; if the battery is charged and discharged, attention should be paid to the method and method, and the battery cannot be overcharged. If it is an electric reach forklift that is driven on the side, the speed adjustment is generally performed by a special programmer to realize the electronic controller programming of the forklift. When you drive the Suzhou forklift push-pull, choose a low-speed gear, and hang in the forward or reverse gear according to the pickup direction, lightly lift the clutch pedal, slow the throttle, and operate the push-pull correctly.
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