Installation steps of rail elevator

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-22
The installation steps of the guide rail elevator use the column square tube and the end face to position, install the four columns and tighten them with the screw; then use the auxiliary card board to determine the position of the box, and spot welding the three boxes with the column; the processed elevator The angle steel is embedded in the groove of the guide rail positioning shaft, and the guide rail and the box are clamped by the top tightening screw for spot welding; the spacer and the rack are bolted in advance. The rack is fixed to the tooth through the pin holes at both ends of the rack. Clamp the locating pin with the top tightening screw, and then spot-weld the spacer block fastened to the rack on the frame. After checking that the dimensions of the hydraulic elevator are correct, weld each part.
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