Inspection work that needs to be done before using the forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-06
Before using a forklift, inspection is necessary, but what should be checked? According to the staff of the forklift manufacturer, the following things should be paid attention to during inspection. First open the rear compartment door of the engine: take out the oil dipstick from the reservoir. If the engine is not running, the fluid level should not be lower than the 'MAX' line. If the liquid level is very low. Please add it to the proper position through the filling port. ATTENTION - RISK OF ACCIDENT! If the liquid of the forklift is lost due to the penetration of the moon, the power steering function of the forklift may fail. In this way, the steering will be quite laborious. Please drive the vehicle to the nearest designated repair center at a very low speed immediately for repair. Next, check the power steering before starting the engine. Park the vehicle on a level, forklift-level surface.
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