Inspection of forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-11
Before using the forklift, you must pay attention to inspection to ensure that there is no problem before you can use it with confidence. The cooling system drives the filling basin. Park the vehicle on a level, forklift truck on a flat road, open the rear compartment door, and take out the ruler from the oil storage tank. The oil level must be between the upper and lower standard and between the forklift marking lines. Fill hydraulic oil through the filler neck. Then pay attention to check the oil level of the hydraulic clutch. Generally, the clutch oil pot is located at the front end of the side electrical box. Check the liquid level in the clutch oil pot. Make sure that the liquid level in the oiler is between the upper and lower scale lines. If the liquid level is too low, please add oil to the appropriate level. Do not use clutch oil of different quality or brand, nor can you use mineral oil as a clutch Oil, be sure to use clean clutch oil, pay special attention not to let dirt and dust get into the tank.
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