How to use a forklift properly

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-26
Forklift manufacturers remind us that in the process of using forklifts, we need to pay attention to many safety issues, so how should we regulate the operation? First of all, when the forklift is forklifting, the fork should be fork as deep as possible under the load, and it should be noted that the fork tip cannot touch other goods or objects. It is then important to note that the load should be stabilized with minimal rear tilt of the gantry so that the load does not slide back. In addition, when laying down the load, the mast can be tilted forward a little to facilitate the placement of the load and the extraction of the fork. It is also forbidden to pick up goods at high speed and use the fork to collide with hard objects. Only when we use the forklift in a safe and standardized manner can it really play its role, so we should still have a good understanding of these aspects.
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