How to solve the fault of the forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-07
In the process of using the forklift, what should be done if the gear shift fails? The following forklift manufacturers will analyze for us. On the drive shaft of the main reducer of the forklift, turn the input shaft by hand, if there is a free rotation gap of nearly 30 degrees, it means that it is caused by the excessive tooth gap of the main reducer. The main reducer can be removed, and its clearance is measured to be 0.65mm. Pay attention to adjusting the position of the bevel teeth so that the tooth gap between the bevel gear and the driving bevel gear is 0.35mm. Then remove the drive shaft, keep the transmission in an unloaded state, start the engine, and repeat the shifting, shifting, and shifting tests. Check the support fixing bolts of the transmission. If there is no looseness, it is judged based on this phenomenon, indicating that the fault should be inside the transmission. There is also dismantling, cleaning, and testing of the transmission. It is found that the tapered roller bearings of the main and driven shafts of the reverse and forward clutches are loose. Adjust the bearings to the appropriate clearance by adding or removing shims, and reassemble them. machine.
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