How to set up the hydraulic lift pit

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-19
How to install a hydraulic lift in the pit can greatly save energy and improve efficiency. This is obvious to all, but you may not know how to install the hydraulic lift. The lift is generally installed in a place with a pit to be parallel to the ground, which can be more convenient. Loading and unloading goods. Hydraulic lifts are often used in outdoor environments. When scissor lifts are in use, in order to facilitate the handling of items, a pit is generally required. How to set up a pit for the lift. Preparation for construction After you confirm that the elevator manufacturer pays the first payment, the elevator manufacturer will give you a copy of the elevator pit drawing, and you only need to work according to the drawing. It is preferred to send someone to familiarize yourself with the drawings, check the drawings, and understand the various components. Prepare in advance according to the size method on the drawing. Field measurements. Pre-preparation and concrete preparation for processing embedded parts according to the requirements of the drawings. Poorly set up the pit can easily damage the equipment. In addition to increasing the difficulty of equipment installation, it will also damage the pumping station and other components due to stagnant water. Therefore, companies are requested to pay attention to the quality of the pits, intensive cultivation, and must ensure the quality of the project. Guide rail elevator pits are set up, and some customers often don’t have space to dig pits. What should I do? At this time, we recommend that customers choose rail elevators. This is because: 1) Rail elevators can be installed directly without pits, saving installation budget and installation time, and can provide customized installation solutions according to different structures of the plant. 2) The guide rail lifting freight elevator can be directly fixed on the ground, and the fixed board is fixed on the wall to realize the stable installation of the lifting freight elevator, and the requirements for the structure and strength of the hoistway are low. This is also the point that the rail lift freight elevator is better than the scissor lift freight elevator. 3) If the elevator is installed outdoors, I also suggest to choose the guide rail as much as possible. This is because the pit is excavated outdoors. If it rains, the protection is not good and it is easy to accumulate water and corrode the main material of the elevator. Therefore, if the guide rail type is preferred for outdoor installation, if a pit structure is necessary, a rain cover should be installed to prevent the erosion of rain and snow. Fixed scissor lifts are generally installed in the pit, one is for the need of fixation, and the other is for the lifting operation with better stability. Whether it is a scissor lift freight elevator or a rail lift freight elevator, as long as conditions permit, pits can be excavated, so that the load surface of the equipment can be flush with the ground, and the goods can be better loaded on and off. But when you can't dig a pit, you have to test the type of equipment. Elevator pit production 1. When the elevator is in a deep pit, in order to prevent the base from collapsing, the foundation pit must be supported after the excavation is completed. 2. After the pit is completed, pour the concrete, the debris in the pit must be cleaned up, and the embedded parts are ready. There must be professional care and protection on site. 3. After the embedded parts are placed, you can pour and pay attention to the position of the embedded parts. If there is any change, repair it in time (Note: The concrete should not sink or rise without bubbles to ensure the quality of the pouring. If it is a fixed scissor lift The thickness of the foundation may be higher. 4. The pouring height should not exceed 500mm, and then pouring into the second layer after a little drying.) After completion, it should be cured and not less than 5 days. If it is set during the rainy season, it must be maintained. Don't irrigate it. 5. The drainage of the foundation pit must be done well. If the pit is deep, a drainage system needs to be installed under the pit. Use open ditch drainage or sewer drainage.
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