How to replace the charging plug of an electric forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-27
Jingxin forklift manufacturers hereby remind everyone that when buying electric forklifts, they should pay attention to fake and inferior batteries or second-hand items. In order to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, some manufacturers make profits by lowering product quality and lowering the price. Therefore, Look for big brands is the right choice. How to replace the electric forklift charging plug?    1. First pick up the old forklift charging plug, then use a screwdriver or other professional tool to insert it into the charging plug contact, find the spring card inside, press it down, and then pull the cable from the back Pull out the wire and the copper contacts together, and the other side is the same step;   2, cut the old cable and put it on the new one, and then press it with a pressure pliers, you need to pay attention to the positive pole of the forklift plug It should not be confused with the negative wire;   3. Put the new copper contacts into the plug in the positive and negative directions. When you hear a click, the meter is in place, and then gently pull it back. Pull and observe the test. If it does not fall out, it means it is complete. After the positive and negative are installed, you can perform a final check, and then you can plug it in for use.
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