How to replace internal combustion forklift tires

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-01
After the internal combustion forklift is driven for a long time, the tire will wear out. If it is not replaced, there will be a great safety hazard. So do you know how to replace the tire? The following is a detailed introduction to the replacement method of internal combustion forklift tires: 1. Unload the load of the internal combustion forklift. Park the internal combustion forklift on a flat, hard surface, lower the fork to the ground, and apply the parking brake to stop the wheels. 2. Use a jack under the outer gantry of the side where the tire is to be replaced, lift the internal combustion forklift to the extent that the tire is still slightly in contact with the ground, and place a pad under the front side of the internal combustion forklift frame to prevent falling . 3. Loosen the hub nut with a hub nut wrench or other tools until the nut can be turned by hand, but pay attention to the order of loosening the nut should be carried out in the diagonal order. 4. Jack up the internal combustion forklift a little more until the tire is slightly off the ground, remove the hub nut and remove the front wheel assembly. 5. Place the side of the hub of the front wheel assembly on a flat, hard road. At this time, the road should be covered with wood or blanket to prevent the hub from being scratched. With the help of tools, press down the tire and remove the two and a half pieces. type circlip, then remove the retaining ring and remove the tire. 6. Put the new tire of the internal combustion forklift into the rim, press down the tire, place the retaining ring, insert the circlip, loosen the tire, and then the front wheel assembly can be directly assembled. 7. Put the assembled front wheel assembly into the hub bolts, first tighten the hub nuts one by one by hand, and then use the hub nut wrench or other tools to pre-tighten the hub nuts diagonally. 8. Remove the spacer from the underside of the electric head internal combustion forklift frame, drop the internal combustion forklift and tighten the hub nuts diagonally with the specified tightening torque. The above is the method of replacing internal combustion forklift tires. When replacing, you must pay attention that the threads of the bolts and nuts must not be stained with grease and oil, otherwise it will affect the tightening torque of the nuts and cause accidental safety accidents.
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