How to replace a forklift piston?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-26
The forklift piston is a more important part of the forklift. Once the piston is pulled or burned, it is necessary to check the piston condition in time to see if the piston needs to be replaced. So when do you need to replace the piston? What should I pay attention to when replacing the piston? Let's find out together. Usually as long as there is a serious cylinder knocking sound in the thermal state, the cylinder wear has not yet reached the overhaul standard; individual cylinders are severely strained; the piston pin and the seat hole are loosely fitted, but the piston pin is already the largest repair size, etc. The piston should be replaced. Attention should be paid to the replacement. After replacing the piston, the piston pin seat hole should be repaired if necessary. The piston can still be used, but when the fit between the piston pin and the seat hole is loose, the piston pin with the enlarged repair size should be replaced.
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