How to repair the circuit line of the electric forklift when it is burnt

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-27
An electric forklift is powered by a battery because it is electric. It can be said that the battery is the dominant core controller. Many functions of the electric forklift during use usually need to be controlled by multiple lines. Once the electric forklift operates for a long time or encounters high temperature conditions, how should we prevent the forklift circuit harness from being burned? If it is found to be burnt, how should we deal with it? The speed of electric forklifts can also be adjusted. Do you know what are the speed adjustment methods of electric forklifts? During the entire process of use, if it is found that the wiring on the electric forklift is slow, and there are more wires or leaky thread ends, it will cause confusion in the entire vehicle wiring, and often cause problems that are considered to be circuit failures. Regardless of the color or thickness, this will cause confusion in the wiring harness of the entire vehicle. When servicing the circuit harness, the relevant regulations must be followed. When a certain section of the circuit is damaged, and before replacing the fuse, all electrical equipment and ignition switches should be turned off, and the operation should be carried out in accordance with the regulations. The replaced fuse is blown again, indicating that the electric forklift system has a short circuit, and the replacement process should be performed after inspection and troubleshooting. Part of the electric forklift with the main power switch should turn off the main power switch after it is stopped and turned off. Check, maintain, and adjust the main line fuse regularly, and replace with new parts if necessary. In the process of handling goods, we need to carry out the variable frequency speed change process. The speed control process can be divided into: throttle speed change, volume speed change, throttle speed change changes the size of the flow control element in the control loop, and can implement the flow of the components. Effective control can further effectively adjust the operating speed of the electric forklift. Because the adjustment of the movement speed is mainly completed by the transition of the circulation cross section, the energy consumption will be destroyed to a certain extent. The volumetric speed change of the electric forklift will change the displacement of the variable plunger pump in the control loop, so that the implementation of the components can be adjusted. The pump-controlled volumetric variable speed changes the speed ratio of the electric forklift motor on the one hand, and can also further change the output flow of the hydraulic pump. In addition, variable organization can be used to transform the hydraulic pump displacement, so that the output flow of the hydraulic pump can be changed. The pump source of the electric forklift is completed by a pressure feedback variable plunger pump. When the motor speed is controlled, the frequency conversion is completed, which can further complete the volumetric speed change. With continuously changing load operation, it will gradually change to the working pressure of electric forklifts, which will further improve work efficiency. Based on relevant data research, the editor of Jiangsu Jingxin Electrical Machinery found that the working pressure of electric forklifts is usually maintained in a balanced position with the feedback pressure. With the continuous development of contemporary control theory of AC motors for electric forklifts, AC variable frequency speed technology has also been more commonly used in the entire electric forklift industry. If you need an electric forklift to move goods, you can choose our electric forklift!
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