How to repair and maintain the electric forklift of the enterprise?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-12
How to repair and maintain the electric forklift of the enterprise? Who will maintain the company's forklifts? Who should maintain the company's forklift trucks? Is it a dedicated mechanic or a forklift truck master? The problem is actually very simple. If the company is large, a dedicated forklift maintenance department can be arranged, and this work is exclusively handled by the forklift maintenance department. If the company is small, we can arrange for forklift drivers to maintain themselves. If the forklift masters are not able to maintain and repair, I suggest that companies can provide forklift drivers with learning methods, such as: online media, related Jiangsu forklift maintenance books, or directly Report to study classes and so on. In this way, the maintenance level of forklift masters will be greatly improved. What are the responsibilities of forklift maintenance? It mainly requires maintenance personnel to be responsible for maintaining the normal and safe production and operation of the forklift, and to test and evaluate the performance of the forklift. The responsibility of the person in charge is to use, maintain and repair each forklift to be transferred to a dedicated person.
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