How to regulate the use of electric stackers

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-13
Jingxin carries the mission of providing high-quality forklift products and intelligent logistics equipment to users all over the world, and leading the development of China's forklift industry/electric forklifts and intelligent logistics equipment. We hope to get your continued care and support, and we will definitely gain more Successful experience has made greater achievements in the new round of development.   To enable warehouse managers and stacker operators to understand the characteristics and structure of all-electric stackers, and to master the operating procedures, precautions, and routine maintenance of all-electric stackers. 1. The operation method of electric stacker. The operator who is familiar with stacker must be in an open field. After being familiar with it, he can use it on the first and second floors of the shelf. After one month of familiarization, he can operate the third, fourth, and fifth floors. The goods are stacked.   1. Start the electric stacker: check to make sure that the battery is fully charged and the indicator light is on. Insert the key into the electric lock, turn it clockwise, and lift the emergency stop switch to start the stacker.  2. The forward/backward movement of the electric stacker: pull the control handle of the stacker toward you, and swing it down to an appropriate angle. (Leave the vertical position but can not be pressed to the lowest position), then use the thumb to turn the two knob switches: if the switch is turned forward, the stacker will move forward, and if the switch is turned backward, the stacker will move backward . The forward/backward speed is controlled by the rotation angle of the knob switch. When starting or when the surrounding space is small, in order to ensure safety, the rotation angle should be controlled to be smaller to slow down the driving speed. There is a low-speed button on the handle, press it to limit low-speed driving.  3. Fork lift of the stacker truck: Press the button with the up mark on the control handle with your finger, and the fork will go up; press the button with the down mark, and the fork will go down; after releasing it, the lift will stop immediately. 4. Belly safety start: When the stacker is moving backwards, if the body collides with the red belly switch, the stacker will immediately stop and move in the forward direction for a short distance. This is mainly to prevent your body from being crushed. . 5. Conventional parking of the stacker: When you need the stacker to stop steadily, release your thumb and the rotary switch will automatically reset. At this time, a reverse current is generated by the controller, and the stacker will move a very short distance again. Then stop smoothly.  6. u200bu200bVehicle charging: When the electricity meter emits a flickering signal, that is, 'power exhaustion' alarms, it should be charged in time. When charging, first turn off the electric lock and pull out the key from the electric lock. 2. Electric stacker operation steps Loading steps: move the stacker closer to the front of the heavy object; raise the fork to an appropriate height lower than the bottom surface of the heavy object; move the stacker forward so that the fork reaches Below the heavy objects; raise the forks until the heavy objects are loaded; move the stacker back together with the heavy objects until the forks have lowering space; slowly lower the heavy objects to an appropriate height. Placement steps: move the stacker with heavy objects close to the front of the shelf; raise the weight to a proper height; move the stacker forward to a proper position; slowly lower the weight so that the pallet of heavy objects is lowered The bottom surface sits on the shelf; slowly move the stacker with its fork out of the shelf.
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