How to reduce the wear of lithium battery forklift tires

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-25
Lithium-ion forklifts can operate very efficiently even in very harsh conditions, so this is a very big test for tires. How can we reduce the wear of lithium-ion forklift tires? First of all, it is necessary to select and install the tires correctly, and match the corresponding inner tubes according to the tire specifications. Tires assembled on the same machine should guarantee the same brand, same structure and same performance. If this cannot be done, the tires of the same brand, the same specification, the same pattern and type should be assembled on the same axle; when the lithium battery forklift is replaced with new tires, the whole vehicle should be replaced at the same time; the directional pattern tires should be Regular rolling direction device; when changing to new tires, the new tires are installed on the front wheels, and the repaired tires are installed on the rear wheels. To ensure safe driving, innovative tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels. Strictly abide by the tire inflation specifications. After inflation, check whether there is air leakage in each part, and check the tire pressure regularly to ensure compliance with the specifications. Develop the habit of using a barometer to measure the air pressure, not with the naked eye. Ensure that the tire has a certain elasticity, and when the accepted load is loaded, its deformation does not exceed the specified range, so as to ensure that the lithium-ion forklift has good stability during driving.
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