How to reduce the wear and tear of the elevator

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-18
How to reduce the wear of the lift The wear of the hydraulic lift machinery is inevitable, but how to reduce the wear of the hydraulic lift is our concern, but how to reduce the wear, do you know this? After using for a period of time, many customers will call to inquire about the wear and tear of the elevator. Some customers use improperly and even cause serious wear and tear on the elevator. New parts must be replaced for production. If you do not master the normal operation Therefore, even if the elevator is replaced with a new one, it will cause secondary wear, so you must master the correct method of use. However, if you pay more attention to it in normal use and more maintenance, it will reduce the wear and tear of the elevator. The wear and tear of the equipment itself is a normal thing. Yilun mechanical elevator will tell users several measures to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment. Production environment: 1. Correct selection of lubricants to lubricate the friction pair. Lubrication is the most obvious and effective way to reduce wear. Appropriate lubricants and appropriate lubrication systems and methods should be correctly selected according to the different working conditions of the friction pair. When reproducing and assembling, add lubricating oil in strict accordance with the regular procedures. 2. Correctly and reasonably select materials for friction parts, and select new and excellent wear-resistant materials. Yilun Machinery has always adopted the best oil-free bearings, which greatly reduces mechanical wear. 3. Improve the structural design of the friction part to improve its processing and assembly accuracy. Improving the machining and assembly accuracy of the friction pair will improve its working conditions, increase the actual contact area, reduce the peak pressure, and facilitate the formation of a lubricating film, thus meeting the requirements of reducing wear. 4. Perform surface treatment on the surface of the friction part. The use of various surface treatment projects in friction engineering (or surface engineering) can improve the wear resistance of the friction pair, thereby reducing wear. For the parts with more friction and damage, the friction surface is specially treated to greatly reduce wear. For the maintenance and maintenance of the elevator during use, the new equipment should be 'run-in' scientifically and normatively before the formal use; the friction parts should be lubricated with the 'five fixed' lubrication work to ensure good lubrication; do the friction parts well The sealing work can prevent the entry of foreign abrasives; prevent overloading operation from causing the friction part to load within the design allowable range; regular maintenance, especially can not wait until the friction part enters the stage of rapid wear. All of these can reduce the wear of the friction part, thereby extending its working life. 1. When the tangible and intangible wear periods of hydraulic lifts are relatively close, the equipment needs to be overhauled, so that there is new equipment, so for overhaul, it seems meaningless. Replace with new equipment that suffers from both types of wear. Old equipment. If the hydraulic elevator has severe physical wear and the intangible wear period has not yet arrived, the original equipment can be overhauled or similar equipment can be replaced. If the invisible wear period is earlier than the tangible wear period, whether to continue to use the original equipment or replace it with advanced equipment, an economic analysis is necessary. 2. If the hydraulic lift uses lubricating oil improperly, the relative moving surface is prone to adhesive wear, or even burns. When doing maintenance work, pay attention to safety issues. 3. During the effective period of use, hydraulic elevators will have invisible and tangible wear, both of which will degrade the value of the elevator. Hydraulic elevators with severe tangible wear often fail to work before repair, and equipment with severe intangible wear can be used. , But its labor cost is high and the economic effect is poor. 4. There are wear forms in the rolling bearings of hydraulic elevators, such as adhesive wear, abrasive wear, corrosive wear, fretting wear, etc. The intrusion of moisture, moisture, and acid or alkaline solutions into the bearing will cause corrosion and wear, so reduce the external environment Entry of pollution sources. 5. The hydraulic elevator should reduce the unbalanced load as much as possible, so as to prevent the uneven force of the cylinder. The elevator should regularly polish the butter on the pin shaft to reduce the friction of the pin shaft. To sum up, reducing equipment wear requires the joint efforts of elevator manufacturers and users. Long-term use of mechanical equipment will inevitably cause equipment wear and aging, failure and damage of parts, and implementation of regular maintenance. Can greatly slow down the speed of wear and tear, improve equipment utilization and maintenance costs.
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