How to reduce the incidence of accidents during the use of Heli forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-12
How to reduce the incidence of accidents during the use of Heli forklifts. In the context of the rapid economic growth of the entire society, forklifts are now also used in many fields in our country. Whether in the field of logistics or in the construction process of construction projects, forklifts are the same. Kind of very important mechanical equipment. With the huge increase in demand, the market size of the entire Chengdu forklift is now further expanding. Although forklifts are used for many purposes, they must be safe regardless of the operating environment. So today, Chengdu Forklift Company will explain to you how to reduce the incidence of accidents during the use of forklifts. 1. Check whether the surrounding environment is safe before starting the forklift. If there are obstacles around, remove the obstacles first and then start the engine. 2. At the start, you should not be too rushed, nor can you brake suddenly,   drive at a speed that can be safely stopped. 3. When the forklift is turning, pay attention to the characteristics of the turning, reduce the speed when turning, and turn slowly. 4. Lower the fork and tilt the mast back. 5. When the forklift is stopped and not in use, it should be parked in a flat, cool place, avoiding ramps or depressions.
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