How to put the goods on the shelves using manual stackers in the warehouse?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-16
How to put the goods on the shelves using manual stackers in the warehouse? 1. Manual stacker equipment inspection Check whether the fork has fallen to the bottom (if not, turn the pressure relief valve to release the pressure to make the fork fall to the bottom), check the pressure relief valve (lock the pressure relief valve when the pressure relief valve is unlocked) die). 2. Hold the handle with both hands (the brake device needs to be released if there is a brake) and take out the manual stacker. Drive along the corridor route. When walking, hold the handle with both hands to push the manual stacker, and look forward to the front. 3. Fork to pick up the goods ①Control the vehicle to approach the goods carefully. ②Adjust the fork and insert the fork under the pallet. ③Step on the lifting handle or hand crank the lifting handle to lift the pallet, so that the bottom of the pallet is lifted to a friction-free distance (about 5cm) from the ground, and then it can be moved. ④ Retreat the stacker and drive straight away from the stack or adjacent cargo. 4. Carrying goods After picking up the goods pallet, drive along the designated route and push the goods pallet to the goods storage area or designated shelf area. When pushing a manual stacker, look forward to the front with your body and always keep your hands pushing the vehicle. 5. Putting goods on the shelves ①Control the vehicles to approach the shelves carefully, and adjust the vehicles to align with the designated cargo positions. ②Step on the lifting handle or hand crank the lifting handle to lift the pallet goods, and adjust the fork to the suitable height position (3~5cm higher than the shelf), so that it can be placed on the designated shelf. ③The vehicle advances to the position where the pallet can be safely placed on the shelf (the front and rear parts of the pallet beyond the shelf are equal). ④ Rotate the hydraulic valve to release the pressure, slowly drop the fork to make the pallet fall on the fork, and close the hydraulic valve when the fork continues to drop by 1-2cm. ⑤ Retreat the manual stacker and drive away from the rack in a straight line. Release the hydraulic valve to minimize the fork. 6. After the manual stacker equipment homing task is completed, hold the handle with both hands and push the stacker away from the shelf area and park it in the equipment storage area. The fork will drop to the bottom. Vehicles with foot brakes need to step on the brakes and lock them. Good manual stacker
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