How to properly maintain the lift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-13
How to properly maintain the lift? 1. To use the elevator correctly, first conduct systematic operation training for the operators, and also conduct regular operation inspections. If the elevator is found to operate in violation of the regulations, it must be punished immediately, and the serious ones must be transferred from this post. After more than ten years of experience in the production and sales of elevators by Niuli Machinery, it is found that most elevator customers have overloaded elevators. Although Niuli elevators have a large overload in design, the potential safety hazards caused by such use are very serious. Large ones are easy to cause damages such as the roof falling of the cylinder and the deformation of the lift bracket. The first summary: the maintenance lift must be equipped with full-time lift operators who have been trained on the job, and illegal operation and use are strictly prohibited. 2. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil of the elevator: The hydraulic oil used by the elevator is divided into winter and summer. This is a place that many elevator customers do not pay much attention to. Often when the hydraulic oil is injected once, it will be used for a long time regardless of the problem. It is only noticed when the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator works abnormally. So how to replace the elevator hydraulic oil is correct. In winter, the weather is relatively cold, and the elevator hydraulic oil tends to become viscous. Therefore, use thinner elevator hydraulic oil; in summer, the weather is relatively hot and the temperature is relatively high. The elevator hydraulic pressure The oil tends to become thinner, so use a thicker one. The hydraulic oil replacement cycle of the elevator should be determined according to the local weather conditions. When replacing the hydraulic oil, use a filter to filter out the impurities in the hydraulic oil and store it for the next replacement in the coming year. The second point is to summarize: the maintenance of the elevator requires regular replacement of the hydraulic oil of the elevator. 3. To maintain the elevator, add lubricating oil on a regular basis: During the operation of the elevator, because the load is relatively large, the friction between the various components is also relatively large, especially the elevator chain and the elevator shaft pin, before ensuring that the amount is appropriate before each use Add lubricating oil to ensure flexibility when running. If the 'creak' sound of friction occurs during the operation of the elevator, it can be basically concluded that the elevator lacks lubricating oil. It is necessary to stop work immediately, find the cause, and not force the operation, which can easily cause unforeseen safety hazards. The third point is to summarize: the maintenance of the elevator must be regularly lubricated, and it is not mandatory. Fourth, the important point of maintaining the elevator is that no matter what abnormality is allowed in the elevator, you must stop working immediately, contact the customer service staff of Niuli Lift, explain the abnormal situation of the elevator, cooperate with the inspection of the elevator, and solve the abnormal situation as soon as possible. Start the elevator and work again. If the abnormal situation of the elevator is not resolved, it is absolutely not allowed to work forcibly. The safety problems caused by this cannot be underestimated.
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