How to prevent forklift oil leakage

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-09
Forklift manufacturers said that to ensure the smooth use of forklifts, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing various problems, such as oil leakage, which is particularly important. Avoid blocking the one-way valve and ventilation valve of the forklift truck. After the valve hole is blocked, it will easily cause the temperature and pressure in the casing to rise, the resistance of the piston movement and the fuel consumption to increase, and the oil and gas will fill the entire space. Oil leaks from weak seals, so it should be checked, dredged, and cleaned regularly. Pay attention to replacing or repairing the main bearing of the forklift. When the matching clearance between the main bearing and the journal is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their sealing due to the impact of the crankshaft, causing the oil to leak from the crankshaft head or seep into the clutch, thereby polluting the Friction pads cause slippage. Tighten the nuts of the forklift, too loose and not tight will cause the gasket to leak oil; too tight will cause the metal around the screw hole to bulge or the screw will slip to cause oil leakage. It is also necessary to replace the severely worn parts and the failed oil seal on the forklift in time. The oil seal is not properly installed, and the shaft journal and the oil seal blade are not coordinated, which are very easy to throw oil due to deflection.
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