How to operate an electric forklift safely

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-30
How to operate the electric forklift safely The electric forklift must be operated by specially trained staff, and it is required to be able to demonstrate and operate the movement and manipulation of the goods. This is a requirement of the driver of the relevant electric forklift. Let's talk about the rights and obligations of drivers and their responsibilities. Drivers must clarify their rights and obligations, and must be trained and assessed in the operation of electric stackers; at the same time, they are familiar with the contents of the operating instructions of the machinery they operate. If the stacker used is a pedestrian control type, the driver must wear safety boots during operation, which is a necessary rule. At the same time, the driver is also responsible for the stacker during his work, and he must prevent unauthorized personnel from attempting to drive or manipulate the stacker. Regarding the failures and defects of electric forklifts and electric stackers: the management and maintenance personnel must be notified immediately after the failure or defects of the electric stackers. If the stacker cannot be operated safely, perhaps due to wheel wear or brake failure, it must be stopped until it is repaired and the trial is completed.
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