How to operate a forklift correctly

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-24
The push-pull manufacturer introduced that the power of the general forklift comes from two intertwined mechanisms, a pair of hydraulic cylinders and a pair of roller chain pulleys, and the lifting handle is connected to the electric air pump at the bottom of the machine. When the handle is pressed, the air pump is activated, which draws in outside air through the filter and forces it into the pipes leading to the two hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder consists of a hollow tube sealed at one end and a removable, lubricated piston joint at the other end. Air enters the bottom of the cylinder through a special one-way valve that allows gas to enter without leaking out, with the As the volume of gas increases, so does the pressure within the cylinder. The pressure applied to the piston head area creates a net upward force. This upward push moves the piston upward, increasing the volume of gas and reducing the pressure. To make the load higher, the operator pushes the handle forward, which means the machine is pumping more air into the cylinder, to lower the load, the operator pulls the handle back, which triggers a special valve that gently Gas is released from the cylinder.
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