How to manually clean the fuel injector of a forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-21
How to manually clean forklift fuel injectors? ①Prepare two one-meter-long wires and an injector plug (remove the injector). ②The battery is turned on at 12V. ③Connect the fuel injector and the cleaning agent with a rubber hose. ④ During the period, a person holds the fuel injector in his left hand, grasps the detergent with his hand, and presses the detergent nozzle intermittently (the air is leaking due to too much pressure). ⑤Another person supplies power to the injectors intermittently. At this moment, the injectors of the semi-electric forklift will spray detergent intermittently to investigate the atomization status. ⑥Clean the carbon deposits and appearance of the injector head of the semi-electric forklift. ⑦Restore the components. ⑧ Initiate an investigation to see if the injector is leaking oil or gas.
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