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How to maintain the forklift in rainy days

How to maintain the forklift in rainy days


      Why should maintain the forklift in rainy days?

During the rainy season, it is enough to pay attention to these points with forklift trucks.

The rainy season has come, but the forklift operation is still in order. The rainy days have also brought many problems to the forklift, so today we will talk about the points that should be noted in the rainy day forklift operation. 

1、Observe the road conditions: rainy day operations must pay attention to the situation on the road, especially in some places with particularly thick mud, after heavy rain, the mud is drenched wet, especially slippery, in these places must pay attention to the situation of the surrounding environment. 

2、Rainy season forklift parking: park inside the garage if possible, and try to avoid parking in overly wet environment. When the machine is parked, keep the working device dry and clean, do not get water into it, so as not to rust and make the operation of the machine inconvenient. 

3、Timely cleaning: the forklift chassis must be cleaned after the rainy season operation, the necessary places should be maintained and refueled to prevent rust and corrosion, check whether each oil release screw is loose, even if maintenance is carried out, and the place where water is found to be accumulated in the machine should be removed in time to avoid rust and corrosion affecting the spirituality of the machine. 

4、When operating in rainy season, attention should be paid to windproof, collapseproof, moistureproof and slipproof. The operation in the rain should always be vigilant, and the night operation should keep the front and rear headlights, working lights, overhead lights and instrument lights of forklifts running normally to ensure safety. 

Of course, it is recommended not to operate in rainy days unless it is a last resort. The rainy season has a changeable climate and complex working conditions, so you must pay attention to everything, pay attention to the road conditions when operating, and usually do a goojob of vehicle maintenance, not carelessly.

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