How to maintain the clutch of a forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-14
How to maintain the clutch of a forklift? The fuel injection method of the forklift in the engine does not disintegrate: first open the clutch cover and observe the wear of the release bearing. If the forklift maintenance confirms that the bearing is not damaged or the wear does not exceed the limit, remove the clutch pedal, adjust the connecting rod pin to make the release bearing Return the seat and its seat to the final position, use a sharp-nose grease gun to fill the hole of the bearing seat with butter until the bearing has oil overflow, then turn the bearing a little, fill the oil again, and repeat the above work until a little butter overflows around the bearing , And then rotate the bearing and observe the amount of oil. If the forklift maintenance feels resistance to the rotation of the bearing, it proves that the bearing is filled with butter. Then remove a small amount of butter overflowing from all parts of the release bearing seat, and replace the removed pin and clutch cover. Assembled. The oil injection method of forklift engine disintegration will disassemble the engine to expose the assembly parts of the release bearing and the bearing seat. Forklift maintenance, use a sharp-nose grease gun to refuel the small oil hole under the inner ring of the release bearing seat, and rotate the bearing when the grease overflows until the bearing is one. All the circles are filled with butter.
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