How to maintain lithium battery forklift chassis

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-03
When determining the lithium-ion forklift engine and its gearbox, the maintenance of the forklift is usually more important. The maintenance of the chassis cannot be ignored. The damage to the chassis will affect the safety and driving performance of the lithium-ion forklift. How to maintain the chassis of the lithium-ion forklift? If you use a lithium battery forklift every day, please carefully check all parts of the forklift chassis. If some parts are found to be worn, they should be replaced, but this will not affect the use of the lithium-ion forklift. Be careful when inspecting the brake linings and clutch discs of a 4x4 off-road forklift. If both components fail, the forklift operation will often fail, so some gear components require regular maintenance of certain lubricants. The above is the chassis maintenance method of lithium-ion forklifts. Unlike some large-scale equipment, lithium-ion forklifts cover a small area and are suitable for our regular business. The performance is superior to that of ordinary forklifts, so they are widely used in factories.
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