How to maintain forklift batteries?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-17
How to maintain the forklift battery? The performance of forklift batteries (hereinafter referred to as batteries) will directly affect the use of electric forklifts. The daily inspection and maintenance of Dongguan forklift batteries should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications. 1. Daily maintenance; the battery should be charged immediately after each discharge. Each discharge shall not exceed 80% of the total battery capacity. 2. Weekly maintenance; check whether the cable screws between the battery units are fixed. If the Dongguan forklift battery is not equipped with an automatic filling system, check the height of the electrolyte after charging. When it is lower than the allowable liquid level (the height of the isolation plate or the specified height), add qualified distilled water to the specified height; when it is higher than the allowable liquid level, draw it to the specified height. Check if there is any water in the battery box. If the water is found, it must be sucked up immediately. 3. Monthly maintenance; before the end of charging, check and record the voltages of all electrode units and batteries. After charging, the electrolyte density and temperature of each battery cell should be measured and recorded. If there is a big difference from the previous measured value, you should ask a professional to check it.
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