How to maintain electric forklifts in summer and autumn seasons

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-29
How to maintain electric forklifts during the summer and autumn seasons. 1. The maintenance of the air inlet or the style grill should check whether there are debris in these parts. If there are other forklifts, you can use compressed air to blow away the dust. In addition, when the engine is cooling, you can Rinse the above parts from the inside out with a water gun. 2. Air-conditioning maintenance If your forklift is equipped with air-conditioning, the weather in summer is hot, and the air-conditioning in the car is often overloaded. In addition, due to more rain in summer and autumn, it will easily cause the condenser to rust and shorten the service life of the air conditioner. , So please check the air conditioner status in due course. 3. Battery maintenance. The electrode wiring of the vehicle battery is the most prone to problems. During the inspection, if there is green oxide at the electrode wiring, it must be cleaned up in time. These green oxides will cause insufficient power in the generator. It will also cause the battery to be scrapped.
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