How to keep the hydraulic lift stable?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-05
How to keep the hydraulic lift stable? How to keep the hydraulic lift stable? Heavy parts or hydraulic lifts should be easy to hoist, and hoisting earrings should be installed when necessary. The design of the earrings should have sufficient strength, and the arrangement should be able to ensure a stable lifting without overturning. Generally, sharp edges and corners and uneven surfaces should be avoided on hydraulic elevators to prevent personal injury. The hydraulic lift has structural stability and overall equipment stability. Do not overturn or produce undue displacement under the action of vibration, wind load or other expected external loads. If the stability requirements cannot be fully met through the physical design and its own mass distribution, certain safety technical measures must be taken to ensure its good stability. The hydraulic elevator structure itself must meet the stability requirements. Instability failure is not allowed, that is, the working stress of the slender member should not be greater than the critical stress. The temperature control system of the hydraulic lift adopts closed-loop control, with fast temperature adjustment and high system stability, which can effectively ensure that the working temperature of the hydraulic oil is within the allowable range of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic lifting platform using this temperature control system does not need to change the hydraulic hydraulic oil according to the season, and the summer hydraulic oil can be used throughout the year, which reduces the maintenance work of the hydraulic lift.
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