How to judge the fault of the forklift cooling system

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-06
Forklift vehicles in forklift manufacturers are generally composed of cooling fans, radiators, thermostats and other components in the cooling system. Pay attention to the judgment of their faults. For checking the quality of the thermostat without disassembling the cooling system, it is mainly judged by the temperature difference between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe of the radiator. The most accurate detection method is to remove the thermostat, put it in hot water, and gradually Heat, check valve opening temperature and valve lift. Whether the water pump can build up enough pressure is the key to the normal operation of the cooling system. When adding cooling water, if the coolant level drops significantly with the increase of the engine speed, it means that the water pump is working normally. The impeller is loose and the cooling water cannot circulate. In addition, for the detection of fan air volume, a thin paper can be placed in front of the radiator. When the engine is running, if the paper can be blown open, it means that the air volume is sufficient.
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