How to increase the lifting speed of the hydraulic lift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-13
How to increase the lifting speed of the hydraulic lift? 1. Types of hydraulic lift hydraulic station According to daily use, hydraulic lifts can be divided into two types: special hydraulic station and general hydraulic station. The hydraulic stations used in industrial equipment are specially designed and manufactured according to a certain technological purpose of the host, and are generally not universal and belong to the category of special hydraulic stations. In view of some common features and use requirements of modern machinery and equipment, in recent years, some hydraulic manufacturers have also provided users with a general-purpose hydraulic device. This kind of general-purpose hydraulic device often integrates most of the control components with the hydraulic pump and its drive motor, oil tank, etc. This kind of hydraulic device is called a hydraulic multifunctional hydraulic workstation. This type of hydraulic device is generally of portable structure, small in size and weight, and is generally produced by a hydraulic component factory. 2. Advantages, disadvantages and applications of variable frequency hydraulic station: variable frequency hydraulic station is a global new energy-saving transmission method. Compared with traditional volume control, it has the following advantages: ① Variables with complex variable mechanisms can be omitted Pump, and adopts the form of frequency converter + AC motor + fixed pump; ②The noise is greatly reduced due to the use of fixed pump; ③The speed adjustment range is widened; ④It has better energy-saving effect, compared with the traditional volume control hydraulic system Energy saving 10%~60%; ⑤ Energy recovery of braking energy can be realized; ⑥ Inverter can be built-in PI
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